ExactPoints® is an enterprise-class mobile app for
the automotive industry that provides your users
with quick and easy access to your company's
CRM data from an iOS or Android phone, giving
you and your team better connection with
customers and improved productivity.

showroom discover

Mobile App credit scanning
tools enable you to scan
customer's in your showrooms
using their driver's license for
instant credit prequalification.

iprecheck leads discover

iPrecheck integrated with iPreCheck®
pre-qualified leads validated by
TransUnion. It is one of the most
engaging leads in the market today
with up 72% show ratio.

phone ups discover

Phone Ups feature allows you to record
out-going calls, provide your sales people
the proper word track before they hit the
call button.

data mining discover

Data mining tools that is easy to manage
identifying and prioritizing only those
customers that are marketable today
and this most up-to-date credit scores.

internet leads discover

Internet lead capture tracks
and follow-up your customer in
a dynamic fashion (it changes
content based on customer's
credit profile) all type of leads.

crm discover

ExactPoints® CRM interfaces
with current legacy CRMs and
pushes all your opportunities
back to your CRM so BDC
processes, experience, and
execution would not have
to change.